Little Charlotte Too and Scooter the Amazon

CHARLOTTE is a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo in her mid-20’s. This is one little cockatoo that knows how to entertain herself, a very admirable trait. Your job is to keep the supply of toys flowing. Ms C’s favorite activity is a tub of foot toys.  Just throw some nuts in the mix and she is entertained for hours.


SCOOTER is a very curious blue front Amazon, estimated to be about 10 years old. Since coming under the care of Phoenix Landing, he has learned to step up to a stick to come away from the cage, eat a whole variety of new things, and found people to be pretty cool after all (he was not much appreciated by his former family).

When Scooters’ foster family comes home from work they hear…..”Hi!!!!!!”, wolf whistles, cat calls, “pretty birdie birdie birdie”, “oh boyyyyy”… and the Andy Griffith song.”  Scooter is so happy when the humans come home! Scooter is a very fast learner and new things seem to interest him. We’re so happy to have him in the Phoenix Landing family.

If you’re interested in adopting a Phoenix Landing parrot, please fill out our parrot  adoption/foster application form.

Juno, A Beautiful Eclectus Boy

Juno came into Phoenix Landing in October of this year. He was technically a “lost bird.”  A lovely couple rescued him and searched for his owner to no avail. This couple was retired and traveled a lot. They were not prepared to make a long term commitment to their new companion so they called Phoenix Landing for help.

The vet believes Juno to be at least two years old but probably not much older. Juno has been a delight for his foster home. He adapted very quickly to the other birds in the home. He is an active guy and plays readily with all new toys that are given to him. He is also extremely fond of showers and likes to get completely soaked.

The best thing about him is his zest for food – and for the right types of foods. His foster home has learned that Ekkie’s have very specific diet needs. This includes NO formulated foods, not even the highest grade of organic pellets. He currently eats veggies, fruits, nuts and selected seed mixes, eggs, limited grains (mostly quinoa), and grain free birdie breads. His foster family has gone to some effort to learn about the needs of his species. He has made it easy by liking all of the foods he should eat!

Do you have room in your home for this active boy? Can you continue giving him the nutrition that he needs to stay healthy? He is one gorgeous sweet boy looking for his next long term landing.

If you’re interested in adopting a Phoenix Landing parrot, please fill out our parrot  adoption/foster application form.