Kevin Blaylock, One Of A Kind

Kevin was supremely devoted to his family – his wife Kami and their children Chandler and Maddi. I remember when they joined us for a parrot care class back in July 2006, soon after they acquired their first bird, a macaw. We were so impressed with their dedication to learning right from the start, especially because the whole family was involved. For Kevin, family was everything.

DSC_0187 copyOver the years, as Kevin became more involved with Phoenix Landing, we felt like his lucky adopted family. We went on ecotour vacations together, many of which he had adeptly organized. Beginning in 2010, we spent several weekends a year teaching intense training “Step-Up” workshops. Kevin never missed one of these workshops, because he so enjoyed the time with new students and old friends.

Kevin helped us with countless projects – especially at The Landing, our only facility. StepUpKevinWhen in doubt, we would say “let’s ask Kevin” because he usually had a new and insightful idea. As a highly successful businessman, Kevin joined the Board of Directors as our Treasurer and he knew how to steer the organization solidly into the future. Lastly, Kevin took stunning photographs of amazing wild and captive parrots, something that gave him great joy and satisfaction. His love for birds just radiates through these photos.


Kevin’s dedication to helping parrots was monumental. Avid learners become good teachers, and Kevin was one of our best, with a special interest in behavior. He also put his positive reinforcement training skills to work in every aspect of his life, always seeing the good in everyone.


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Kevin’s family lost him way too soon, he was a young 44 years old. His Phoenix Landing family lost one of its brightest young stars. There are no words to convey the void Kevin leaves behind – one of goodwill, smiles and genuine affection for all those he befriended. I hope you are able to fly in your new life, Kevin, because we know how much you deserve the joy that would bring you! ~ Love always, Ann

7 thoughts on “Kevin Blaylock, One Of A Kind

  1. Dear Parrot and People family,

    While I may not have known Kevin as long as many of you, I can say that he was the beacon of hope and goodwill to me and others on my trip to Brazil and to excursions to Phoenix Landing. He was so devoted and made sure everyone felt comfortable and was having a good time. I am not sure anyone could out-bird Kevin! His photos captured the essence of individual birds. When in Brazil we discussed using some of his photos for my text on avian anatomy. I now have an even greater desire to honor some of his photos in my upcoming book. Such a wonderful individual that has graced us with his presence for humans and animals! He will be missed but never forgotten! Most sincerely for all of you in grief, Dr Susan Orosz

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  2. It is very sad to hear the news. A living legend no more! I have the honor to know Kevin only recently at the May Step-up class. He was volunteering to teach for the full three days and shared his knowledge and love of parrots. He always had a big smile and patience for everyone. His positive attitude and approach in life has been inspirational in so many ways including running a business of which I had the opportunity to briefly discuss with him. I was hoping to be part of his excursion in planning to see the African birds. May he fly free with laughter and joy! He will be terribly missed. Angie Yeung

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  3. Kevin was a special friend to each of us at VCA Highlands Animal Hospital. He was our go-to person for bird adoptions, and our connection to Phoenix Landing. He always had a smile on his face. He was always willing to help transport, pick up, or do anything to facilitate the care of birds that needed help. He was certainly appreciated by us and will be sorely missed.

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  4. It was a privilege to know Kevin. He was a patient teacher, an inspiration and a friend. I am stunned and saddened to learn he is gone. Fly high and free with your flock my friend.

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  5. I am very saddened to learn that Kami & family and Phoenix Landing have lost such a special husband, father and amazing friend, Kevin Blaylock. I met Kevin at the Step Up class in August, 2013 then traveled with the Brazil trip fall, 2015. Kevin’s ability to lead, teach, joke, be a friend to all, and photograph beautiful birds will be greatly missed. We will ALL miss you, Kevin.

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  6. When I read the tribute in the newsletter, I was stunned. My heart instantly broke for Kami and the kids, as well as everyone affected by the passing of such a wonderful person.

    When I was first began with Phoenix Landing back in 2005, I guess it was, Kevin was there for me so many times. I respected his input on anything parrot related. I can’t tell you how many times I called him with questions in the beginning and he was always there to help. He influenced me more than he knew. I had grown up with birds and worked with Parrots, but the knowledge I gained from Kevin and the Phoenix Landing family… well, words can’t describe my appreciation.

    I had to stop with fostering and working with the parrots during my daughter’s toddler years, but returned once she was a little older. I kept trying to reconnect with Kevin over the past few years, but it, sadly, never happened. He was an amazing person and he will definitely be missed by many! Kami, you and your family, are in our prayers!

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  7. Kevin was a true inspiration, and a hoot! I still cannot believe he left us so young. He really seemed to find the best, and the joy, in everyone and everything. I doubt I ever told him what an inspiration he was to me. I’m so glad I was able to go on one of the Phoenix Landing trips to Brazil that he led. I hate that I didn’t make it two.

    I’m so sorry for his family and his closest friends. He is missed by so many.


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