Friends of Wendy Huntbatch Remember Her Life’s Work

Parrots lost one of their staunchest advocates this week, Wendy Huntbatch, founder of the World Parrot Refuge in Canada. She was relentless in her determination to make a difference; and for hundreds of parrots she has been their provider, ally, joy and savior.

Wendy 2008

Emphatic & passionate!

Back in the late 90’s, when I was initially inspired to create an organization for parrots, Wendy was the first to respond to my inquiries and offer to help. She was always positive, encouraging and compassionate. She gave much of her time to me freely, sharing her thoughts and all the lessons she had learned. While we ultimately opted to set up an adoption program for parrots instead of creating a sanctuary, she continued to offer ideas, advice and solid moral support up through her final days.

In 2002, Wendy joined the Phoenix Landing Board of Directors, and we could always count on her for a lively discussion. Did we agree on everything? Of course not, we are all individuals with our own experiences and ideas. Did she do what she thought was best for parrots? Without a doubt, each and every single time!

Wendy Stewart Ann 2010

Wendy Huntbatch, Stewart Metz and Ann Brooks at the World Parrot Refuge, 2010

Wendy introduced me to some of the most devoted, articulate and solicitous people in the world of parrots, such as Dr. Stewart Metz and Rosemary Low.  I am so grateful to her for including me in her parrot welfare network, making it possible for us to actually move forward in our own work.  I owe her a deep debt of gratitude for her generosity of spirit.

Most importantly, Wendy was a fierce and loyal friend, and I can only hope she knew I felt the same for her. Her absence already feels unbearable – but her spirit, her dedication and her unwavering passion will burn in my heart and work with parrots each and every day.
Ann Brooks, Phoenix Landing

Wendy Huntbatch was a pioneer, starting parrot rescue (1993) before most of us knew there were parrots who needed rescuing. Each one of her parrots was loved as if they were children in her homeWendy in her shop2.png

I was immensely proud to be invited to be a guest speaker (along with Rosemary Low) to the opening of the new facility — I must say that she employed many excellent features such as flight between whole trees, enrichment, even the ability for some parrots to walk through a hole and go outside for a (safe) short walk -and the birds looked great.

Oh, the look on Wendy’s face when she showed off her birds to visitors! Few knew that Wendy suffered from TWO terrible, debilitating illnesses but she never let them stop her crusade to help needy parrots–yes, she was a Crusader and a Lovely Lady at the same time. Will we miss her — YES, very much.  Will the parrots miss her — more than they can ever know.
Stewart Metz, M.D.
Founder and Associate Director, Indonesian Parrot Project

I first met Wendy in 1997. In 2000, on a trip to Costa Rica with her and her husband Horst, I got to know her well and to understand her drive and passion for parrots. I visited her in Canada on three occasions, each time being amazed at her parrot rescue initiatives. Wendy died on February 3 after a long battle against cancer and a debilitating lung disease.

Rosemary Low at WPR 2010

Rosemary Low at WPR in 2010

She was the most remarkable person, totally dedicated to parrots. She lived to give a good life to as many as possible after they had been abandoned by their owners. To see her working with these birds, in the huge aviaries Horst had built for them, was an inspiration. Her strength and bravery during the past five years while tolerating very serious illnesses and treatments were heroic. Her fund-raising efforts to keep the sanctuary running were extraordinary.

Everyone who knew Wendy admired her untiring dedication, her patience and compassion, especially with the special needs birds, and her determination, often in the face of great difficulties. The parrot world has lost a unique and irreplaceable lady. If you want to help to ensure that her work continues, please donate to the sanctuary via the website:
Rosemary Low
Curator, Author and Lifelong Devoted Parrot Lover

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