RIP Mimi

Such sad news.

Dr. Crum called me this morning. When the vet tech came in this morning, Mimi was lying on her back and was barely responsive. He said she had a lot of vascular issues and may have thrown a blood clot during the night, or had some other neurological issue.

He recommended we euthanize her and we have followed his recommendation.

She tried so hard, but now her suffering is over, and she was cared for with the dignity and compassion that all parrots deserve.

Please hold her in your hearts for a moment today. And then let her go.

Thank you so much to all of you for your support, well wishes and for all you do for parrots.

Fly free, Mimi.

12 thoughts on “RIP Mimi

  1. I will miss my lil baby girl. She was so sweet. No matter how she felt, wanted to give kisses and try to communicate love. This gives new clarity to the work we all do as advocates for the homeless and voiceless animals. She knew how much she was loved and cared for. Thanks to all for your kindness and support.


  2. So very sorry to read this. I hope this precious girl felt the concern and love of the humans around in her in the last week of her life, at least.


  3. I am sorry for your loss, I can empathize with you. Next month will make a year my baby Boobie will be gone. I miss him so much and pray I see him free and vibrant when we meet again. It tugs at my heart when I think of him. You and Mimi will be in my prayers.


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