Mimi Macaw UPDATE

I visited Mimi yesterday AM. She is stable and has not lost weight, though she had received three tube feedings the day before. One bit of good news is that the avian chemistry showed no signs of liver problems. Her kidney values were only slightly elevated.

She does have cataracts and a lower respiratory infection, which is more difficult to treat than upper. It is possible to hear her labored breathing in the video below.

SEAVS took blood yesterday morning. We hope to have the results back very soon. This information will be crucial to understanding how next to proceed with her care.

John Kerns also visited her last evening. He said:
“She was in the incubator for the night and she was eating some mixed seed. Several days ago, Jen had said that it seemed she was just “playing” with the food and not eating much. [Dr. Crum also told me that yesterday morning. -Jenny] I saw that she was actually eating the seed and discarding the hull. Kathy [her vet tech] said that they only tube fed her once yesterday as opposed to three times the day before. She still can’t hold her head up for long and was “resting” it on the bottom of the incubator while she was eating. Kathy said that she would do that in her cage, rest her head on a rung of the side of the cage.

Kathy said that there wasn’t much change from the day before. I thought she looked just a tad bit more perky but that may be because she was in her safe incubator rather than in a room letting me talk to her.”

You can hear her breathing in this video taken on Friday.

UPDATE Thursday Oct 17

The response to Mimi’s story has been wonderful. THANK YOU for all of your generous donations, kind offers of support, and well wishes for Mimi’s recovery.

I spoke with SEAVS this morning Thursday Oct 17.

Mimi seems slightly improved from when she arrived at SEAVS, though her weight was down this morning and she had to be tube fed. She is receiving supportive care, such as wound cleaning and laser therapy to speed healing.  She will have a blood draw tomorrow morning and the results will give us more information about how she is progressing.

John Kerns also went for a visit today. He says that she is in an incubator at night to keep her comfortable, but during the day she is in a cage. Unfortunately, she is still too weak to perch. She spends her time on the bottom of the cage.

In the meantime, here’s some more video from Tuesday. Expect another update tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Mimi Macaw UPDATE

  1. Thanks for the update, Jenny. Appreciate all the love and care everyone is pouring into this sweet bird. Sending warm thoughts from Detroit!


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