Join us for the Parrot Wellness Retreat

You’re invited to The Phoenix Landing Foundation’s…

OCTOBER 20-21, 2012
A Weekend of Knowledge and Hands-On Training for Parrot Professionals and Owners

An amazing combination of teachers will join us for an exceptional event in one of the most beautiful fall locations in the country.

This retreat is an opportunity to learn about many aspects of avian health, from basic topics like feather health and nutrition, to the more complex issues like sensory perception and how the parrot brain functions.

In addition, there will be side labs where you can acquire some hands-on training for things like how to medicate or towel your bird, how to make nutritious foods, or create some extraordinary enrichment items.

Understanding avian medicine makes it easier to work with our veterinarians to protect the well-being of our birds. This gives our parrots the opportunity to live the long, healthy lives that they deserve.

The Wellness Retreat will focus on assisting companion parrot owners with the tools they need to understand avian medicine and care for their birds.


  • Disease Update
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Avian Emergencies
  • The Avian Exam and Nutriceuticals
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual and Emotional Communication
  • Husbandry Training
  • The Brain and Special Senses
  • Social Needs of Parrots
  • The Miracle of Flight
  • Aging Parrots
  • Relationship to the Outdoors
  • Wise Arrangement of the Indoors
  • How to Medicate and Towel a bird
  • Laser Therapy
  • Making Mash and Other Good Foods
  • Enrichment Ideas

Entire conference earns 14 IAABC Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Registration: $75 for 2-full day sessions. $15 for lunch each day.

We recommend making hotel reservations ASAP! Asheville is very busy during the fall leaf season.

For more details about this amazing event, speaker biographies, and to register, please go to


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