Phoenix Landing Outreach Event

In mid-June, Phoenix Landing got a request from a public relations firm in MD to participate in a Caribbean themed event at TGI Friday’s.  TGI Friday’s was promoting their new summer menu called “Escape to Paradise – No Passport Necessary.”


When most people think of the Caribbean, they think of macaws.  After agreeing to participate, I had to think of parrots to take.  Most volunteers within Phoenix Landing have flighted parrots including me.  I asked several volunteers, but everyone’s macaws were flighted. I remembered that Lady Coconut Scarlet had an old wing injury and couldn’t fly, so I contacted Ruth, her adopter.  Ruth agreed to bring Lady S. to the event.

The PR firm published that there would be parrots there and Phoenix Landing even got mentioned on WPGC 95.5, a local radio station.  The Phoenix Landing logo was placed in the fliers for the event too.

The day of the event was beautiful!  You couldn’t have asked for better weather being that it was July 1st in the Washington, DC area.  There was no humidity.  We sat up a table with information on it about Phoenix Landing and had Joey and Lady S. on PVC gyms around the back side of the table.


Bob, Joey, Lady S. and Ruth.

Most people didn’t realize that the parrots were real until they moved.  Music was playing from the radio station and both birds were dancing and having a good old time.  Joey was almost jumping of his perch while Lady S. was just bobbing her head to the beat.  One lady that stopped by fell in love with Joey because she would just start singing and dancing and he would join in too.  Every time she came back, he would dance with her.


Joey with his dancing partner and I.

Also at the event was Captain Morgan.  The good Captain was very interested in the birds and had his photo taken with Joey.

Captain Morgan and Joey

Many people stopped to ask questions about the birds and why we were there. Most of the people were amazed at them because they had never seen macaws or been that close to them.  It amazing how many times we got asked if they talked.  Lady S. would say on cue either “hello, bye-bye or cracker.”  Joey never made a peep except for a few grunts!


Ruth and Lady S.


Ruth talking to someone interested in parrots.

We handed out lots of information about Phoenix Landing, so hopefully at least one new home will be found for our many birds in need.  If you are interested in helping with outreach events in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia or North Carolina, please contact us at

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