House Fire in Maryland Displaces 40+ Birds

Earlier in April, there was a fire in a historic three-story apartment building in Emmitsburg, MD.  All the families were displaced.  One of the residents was a small breeder.  Luckily, they were able to get all 3 cages of birds out of the fire.  There were a lot of cockatiels and finches.  Since the owner was displaced and didn’t have anywhere to live, the owner relinquished the birds to a local animal shelter.  Like most shelters, they didn’t have the resources to care for all the birds and turned to Phoenix Landing for help.

I received word mid-afternoon on Thursday, April 8th that they would like us to help with most of the birds.  I started e-mailing my Maryland foster volunteers and within hours I had homes for most of the birds.  On Friday, April 9th, my son Tyler and I made the trip to the shelter to pick up the birds.  There was one large flight cage with a nest box in it still.  Inside the nest box were two baby cockatiels.  They were so cute!! Volunteers at the shelter did a great job separating the male and female cockatiels into 2 cages.  I picked up a total of 23 finches and 22 cockatiels including the 2 babies.

Picking up the birds

By Friday evening, all the finches were in their new foster homes and most the cockatiels were too.  By Saturday, all birds were in their new foster homes thanks to the wonderful volunteers that took them in and for those that transported them.  Thank You Maryland and Virginia volunteers!!  You guys ROCK!

Rescued finches

Rescued cockatiels

If you are interested in fostering or adopting either some finches or cockatiels, please let us know.  The cockatiels really seem friendly and with a little work, I think will make great pets.

If you would like to help in other ways, our wish list for these birds are:

  • Finch and cockatiels seed
  • Harrison’s mesh or fine pellets
  • Small perches and toys and
  • Appropriate sized cages

Items and checks can be sent via the Postal Service to:

Phoenix Landing
PO Box 1233
Asheville, NC 28802

Donations can also be made via our PayPal link at

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