Experience the Heart


Just over one week ago,

26 feathers,

began their journey

A new last name;
They would share

Phoenix Landing

like all those feathers before
and the feathers to follow


soft voices to surround them
an encouraging whisper to their souls

The  dull  lifeless light of frantic fear
will dim in their eyes
ever fading grey

The fire of trust will begin to simmer
as the zest for life

They will find strength…
these 26 feathers

in heart,
and soul.


And here are thoughts from Lannie Ellison, who was there the day these birds came under our protective umbrella (February 10th), and who continues to spend hours each and every day caring for them.  She simply cannot be thanked enough, but the birds certainly let her know how appreciative they are, as their health and welfare continue to improve daily.

Thursday was a new beginning for 26 parrots from tiny doves to macaws. What a delight to see them safe and secure with bowls filled with food and clean water. To get to this point required a great deal of work and organizing from Teri, Ann, Mary and Luke. Arrangements for temporary housing, cages, perches, toys, food, bowls and lots of nuts were gathered  and transported. A few extra volunteers helped at the site to set up cages and dress them out for the new occupants. From the animal shelter in carriers and coaxed into new homes one cage at a time with a cheer for each transfer.

Just as special was sharing this with human friends who feel the same passion for our parrots. We understand why tears come to our eyes as we watch a Macaw enjoy every tiny crumb of a walnut and a little Nanday hold a prize Nutriberry in his toes. These birds are safe now and will know kindness, plenty of food and clean water and toys in their cages and hopefully soon to a new family to love them. I’m so thankful I got to be a  part of this day.   Lannie

4 thoughts on “Experience the Heart

  1. God bless all who were able to help. These are among the saved through the loving hands of Phoenix Landing. What these feathers give to us is more than we can ever give to them. Thank God we were asked to help. Sharon


  2. I so admire all the work you guys do. These Cockatoo’s just bring flowing memories of my “Angel”, a maluckan Cockatoo I rescued 16 yrs ago. She had not one feather from her neck down and was being left in a cold plastic outside enclosure to freeze. She at one time was so happy and beautiful, she was in “Bird Talk” magazine, but when her mamma took in a cluch of babies and was left in a room with alot of other feathered friends she retaliated by self mutilation and the lady gave her away and to a horrible sentence. This is where I accidently came across her. I gave the man no choice but to turn her over. I had her since then until Feb 14, 2008 she passed away. I don’t think I will ever get over losing her. We had such a bond and she lived to please and love me. I was so truley blessed by my little naked Angel Bird. God Bless you all.


  3. Thank God for you folks at the Phoenix Landing. The picture of these two cockatoos brought tears to my eyes. I am a HUGE cockatoo lover and am blessed to be owned by 5 goffins and a citron. I lost my umbrella in 2002, and she was a my first big bird. My 6 toos are my life and my days are spent making toys and spending all day with them. Each one has their own personalities and each one I love the same!!! I wish I was near so I could foster or adopt some of your cockatoos, but unfortunately I am in NB, Canada. Kiss all those Toos for me and throw kisses to all the birds in your special hands.


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