The Little Ones Matter Too!

Let no one think that Phoenix Landing cares any less for the welfare of the smallest birds.  The little ones have every bit as much personality as the larger birds; and their need for enrichment, food and health are just as important. In addition, parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds have long lives too (15-25 years is no small number)!

Meet Louise, Huey and Dewey, Bourkes parakeets. They are part of the group that recently came from the Catawba County NC shelter, which were confiscated due to a horrendous hoarding situation.

Bourkes Parakeets Louise Huey Dewey

And we named this little cockatiel Raindrop. She is the only cockatiel in the Catawba shelter group that came to us, although we understand there were quite a few cockatiels in the larger group initially. Perhaps she has been separated from her friends? She may be a bit sad and lonely now, but we are determined to give her a future life filled with health and fulfilling social activities!

Cockatiel Raindrop
To date, Phoenix Landing has re-homed 359 parakeets, 125 lovebirds, and 330 cockatiels — 51% of the birds that we have had the pleasure to help so far. In addition, Phoenix Landing assists many shelters as our capabilities allow. Over the last 8 years, we have 229 re-homed birds from shelters (13.5%). Birds end up at shelters for many reasons, however, the ones from Catawba certainly represent one of the worst possible reasons….

3 thoughts on “The Little Ones Matter Too!

  1. Awww…I’d love to have Raindrop in my flock! My six ‘tiels would make her feel welcome…after a suitable quarantine, of course!


  2. Thanks for your sweet offer! Raindrop can only go to a home without any other birds right now, but there are plenty of other ‘tiels at Phoenix Landing who still need homes and we welcome your help. More info at Thanks a lot! Ann


  3. Ann,
    I’m glad to see you are doing something you feel so dear to your heart. All my best to Emilie, Stephanie, and John.


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