QUINN: Catawba Shelter to Phoenix Landing

BGM Quinn

My name is QUINN, and I’m a blue & gold macaw.  As you can see, I don’t have many feathers right now but am really enjoying plenty of walnuts.  My wish list is another big, BIG box of walnuts so I can continue to get the benefit of all those wonderful essential fatty acids that I so terribly need.

Would it be too much to ask for some of those foraging toys too (plastic, stainless steel or wood)?  They tell me I was the most traumatized bird Phoenix Landing has ever seen.  My wings were bruised and bleeding because I was flapping around the cage all the time, trying to get the heck out of that place.  I was also pretty sad since my cage mate died while we were still at the shelter.  The Phoenix Landing volunteers put my travel carrier in the cage so I would have a place to hide and feel safe.  The first time I peeked out and saw a human, I said “Uh Oh!” and dashed back inside, so my first name was “Uh‐Oh Fred.”  Now I’m brave enough to sit on my perch and eat my yummy walnuts, and they have given me a new and very dignified name of Quinn. Think I’ll keep it!

I am living in the very first cage that greenwing macaw Phoenix (the founder of Phoenix Landing) had 15 years ago.  I must be extra special!  Someday, however, I hope to find a home that will provide me with my very own extra large cage and playgyms, and a family to call my own.

3 thoughts on “QUINN: Catawba Shelter to Phoenix Landing

  1. Great progress, Quinn!! I admit I was afraid for you the day you left the shelter to the lovely refuge environment you (& all your “mates”) now live in, where you “guys” get all your needs met, loving attention, & so much more now. You are blossoming! I nominate you as poster parrot to represent the resilience of the intrepid “Catawba 26” birds! Just shows “you can’t keep a good parrot down”! Can’t wait to see you when I come to help with you great “guys” next week!


  2. Well, Quinn, I’m glad that I packed that box full of toys using lots of walnuts and almonds. I know one big bird who will get his share. Note to everyone: Inshell nuts make great packing material (much better than useless styro peanuts!).


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