Extraordinary Trip to See the Macaws of Tambopata Peru with Dr. Brightsmith

Spend New Year’s Eve in one of the most spectacular places on the planet, and in the company of good friends who care about parrot conservation the way you do.

Visit the Tambopata Macaw Project with Dr. Brightsmith
Phoenix Landing is organizing a trip to the Tambopata area of Peru with Dr. Donald Brightsmith. This area has the highest concentrations of avian clay licks in the world and is an amazing opportunity to see macaws in the wild.

Dr. Brightsmith is the Director of the Tambopata Macaw Project, located in the unique rainforests of southeastern Peru. His research projects include nest activity data; the diets of macaw chicks; clay lick use and the consequences of consumption; ecology, conservation and diseases of psittacines; and the movements of Amazonian wildlife.

The Tambopata Macaw Project supports long-term research about the ecology and conservation of the nearly 20 species of macaws, parrots and parakeets that reside in the region. As in many areas, parrots are threatened by poaching and the clearing of forests.

In addition to time spent at the clay licks, hikes to key areas of parrot and wildlife activity, and special videos, Dr. Brightsmith will also give us special lectures about ongoing research projects such as the macaw nests, chicks research, and clay lick activity.

The cost of the trip is $1,650 (deposit due November 15), which does not include airfare from your point of departure to Lima, Peru and on to Puerto Maldonado (about $300), or hotel in Lima on 27 Dec. Some of you may decide to extend your time in Peru to see many other wonderful sites such as Machu Picchu.

This extraordinary trip is limited to 17 people, so reserve your spot today. For more details of this trip’s itinerary and how to reserve your spot, please see the Phoenix Landing newsletter (page 11).

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