Lauretta is a 40-year old male double yellow-headed Amazon.  Young!  He is a gentle bird, but very shy and hesitant in new situations.  However, Amazons are very clear about who they like and dislike, so we hope he’ll find HIS person soon.  He deserves to spend his next decades with the same affection that he is willing to give in return.


Lauretta is very overweight, with arthritis in his right knee.  Good news! He now greatly enjoys fresh sprouts, and is learning to eat other healthy foods like fruits, veggies, cooked “mash” dinner, and Nutriberries.  He needs a home with someone who is gentle and patient, and willing to learn about good avian nutrition so that he can continue to build better health.


He has lost some weight, but his right knee is still giving him some trouble. He is making good progress with clicker training and is learning to target.  We are also training him to step onto a handheld perch. But for some reason, he has decided that he no longer wants to interact in a positive way with his current foster family in Maryland, (and we know how strong an Amazon’s opinions are!). Lauretta is looking for a new foster, and eventually a new long-term home as well.  Could you be the one to bring joy to this beautiful boy’s life?

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