News About the News

Tony, Teri, Careigh and Ann spent part of the day at WLOS (the ABC affiliate in western North Carolina) taping segments for upcoming episodes of “Pet Pals.” We had several Phoenix Landing parrots on-hand to help get out our message about adoption and education.


Tony had just been given a supersized macaw painting by his friend Dennis. Tony brought it in to be our eye-catching backdrop. Denny also agreed to help us paint some beautiful rainforest scenery on the walls at the Landing!


Umbrella cockatoo Kiki had quite a conversation with Julie Wander, the anchor of Pet Pals. Kiki is recovering from surgery a few weeks ago for a prolapsed cloaca, and he’s doing great.


Mango (sun conure) and Kiwi (red lored Amazon) took a few flight laps around the area — the news station employees were enthralled. Nutmeg, a harlequin macaw, was a dignified star. Also joining us – umbrella cockatoo Missy and Roxie, a double yellow headed Amazon. A fun time was had by all!

Careigh Teri
Julie Wander Teri

You can find to the first PetPals episode at:

The second segment of PetPals is available at:

3 thoughts on “News About the News

  1. I’d like to see more on bird adoption on tv. To be honest, I don’t know much about it but I can guarantee that if I saw something on tv about it, I’d be more inclined to adoption.


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