Elvis, A Determined Blue and Gold Macaw

Elvis is a wild caught macaw – a gentle girl of unknown age. She is fighting cancer, but showing her resilience and determination to live a life of joy! We are also dedicated to making sure that she spends the rest of her life in the best of circumstances. Since macaws have long life spans, we hope she will be with us for years to come.

Elvis in the bathtub

The best way for Elvis to take a bath is to put some water in the bath tub and let her take a dip. SHE LOVES IT, and it also helps to keep feathers on the vent area clean. This is very important given the location of her cancer. Here is a great photo of her playing in the bathtub with a bit of water.


Elvis is learning to play with toys and is a very good eater. Her favorites are corn and blueberries. She is very appreciative if you allow her to have dinner with you and treat her as part of the family.

3 thoughts on “Elvis, A Determined Blue and Gold Macaw

  1. I am happiest you care so much about Elvis. I’ve had my B&G shadow for 31 years. Shadow gets his own plate and seat at the table when we eat. With some exceptions he eats a little of what we eat.
    After all these years I wouldn’t know what to do without my shadow.


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