THE LANDING! Helping Parrots in Yet Another New Way.

Thanks to some amazing donors (including my dearest mom, Martha Brooks) and the approval and support of our wonderful Board of Directors, Phoenix Landing is now the owner of a incredible property in Alexander, NC, about 15 minutes north of Asheville. Included on 10 beautiful acres, and surrounded by 2,600′ acres of undeveloped State land, is a building currently under reconfiguration for adaptation as our first adoption and education center. We hope it will be operational by mid-October.

Landing View

Phoenix Landing we will now have a place:

  • to house some of the many birds that often need our help sooner than we can find them homes;
  • for people to meet adoptable birds;
  • to host nationwide, intensive educational programs;
  • to host fundraising events;
  • to expand our e-store; and
  • to eventually add some habitats for permanent resident birds, a large garden so we can help foster families and resident birds with healthy produce, and perhaps some rentable cabins.

Each step towards building this campus complex for the parrots and the people who love them will be taken as our fundraising allows, insuring that Phoenix Landing remains financially sustainable for decades to come. After all, many of our parrots will live for decades, and they need us and our successors to look out for them long into the future! Therefore, our goal is to make sure that the programs we host at the Landing will cover the costs of ownership, and also generate revenue for all our other adoption and education programs, now in seven east coast states — an unprecedented accomplishment.

Landing Barn

Thanks to the many volunteers who lead our everyday activities in many, many places and in such incredibly amazing ways. The Landing belongs to all of us and the parrots that we protect and serve. As soon as it is open, we hope that people will join us for some exciting new programs, or perhaps you would like to help with future projects, or maybe just clean a few cages and feed some great parrots!

We have several things to complete if you’d like to help sponsor some or all of a project. These include: tile of any kind, appliances such as a freezer and refrigerator for parrot food; a utility sink; plumbing to finish the “shower room”; (3) sets of french doors to replace the garage-type door and upper level doors; an outdoor aviary and deck; and the heating system.


3 thoughts on “THE LANDING! Helping Parrots in Yet Another New Way.

  1. I have watched this org grow and help so many people and Parrots. I’m very proud to be associated with Ann and the rest of the wonderful volunteers.


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